“The Lazy Man’s Guide To Extracting Money From Google” – Target the Long Tail and Rank Your Pages

Banging my arch adjoin the bank and banging it some more!

All in the attack to rank for the best keywords such as “make money online,” “lose weight fast;” these keywords accept so abundant antagonism it’s not account the time and altercation of traveling afterwards them.

I ashen a lot of my time with this and the affair is, if you assuredly get to the top 3 positions of Google for this keyword the cartage is in fact not what you would think. The abstruse about SEO is that the after-effects are not in the “one” it’s in the “many” and I will allotment this with you below.

Nothing is added arresting than cat-and-mouse and alive and cat-and-mouse 3 to 6 months for a keyword to alpha accepting friction, again if it assuredly gets to area you wish it, annihilation happens. This is like activity aggregate on one chase horse and on the day of the chase the horse sprains its abate or break a leg.

I assumption that adage “don’t put all your eggs in one bassinet is true!”

Let’s yield a added attending and break this from the alpha so you will not accept to acquaintance the aforementioned pains I did…

Long appendage vs. Short Tail: The aberration is artlessly the breadth of the word. Let’s yield accomplish money online for an example. Yes this could be a bang chat to rank if it wasn’t so saturated but addition chat that could be just as able is accomplish “money online during the recession”, because it’s so targeted the visitors are added acceptable to yield some array of action, this is (golden)

Snooping on the Competition: It’s not harder to apperceive how boxy the antagonism is already you focus alone on their backlinks: focus on how abounding they accept and the superior of them, this will accord you a acceptable idea.

Back bond Strength: Depending on how acceptable these backlinks are will actuate how abundant accomplishment it will yield to out rank them, yield agenda of the bulk and (only focus on the backlinks to the column and not the absolute site)

For example. If the top website in the seek after-effects has 20 backlinks to the column and 2 are .EDU or .GOV again you will charge abundant added than just 221 backlinks from accidental places.

EDU and Gov backlinks are ascendancy links so you will be accomplished if you got 22 backlinks and 2 of them were .EDU or .GOV links, this could advance you to the top.